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Executive Function Coaching

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Academic Coaching Student

What Do I Teach?

My name is Danelle Fortune and as the owner of Fortune Coaching,  I coach children and their parents/caregivers on how to successfully navigate academic and social challenges as a result of lagging executive function. My focus is helping children learn skills that will support their success in and out of the classroom. 

Most kids struggling with executive function, as a result of neurodevelopmental conditions such as ADHD, need a road map leading them from stress to success. Similarly, parents need support so they can be an integral part in helping their child succeed!

for Current Clients

Studying Techniques

Children learning HOW to study utilizing techniques that make sense to them is critical to their academic success. 

Time Management

Learning time management skills through mental mapping and time horizons helps set kids up to succeed in their future. 

Tackling Procrastination

Procrastination is difficult on children and parents/caregivers. Learning how to tackle procrastination is valuable skill. 


Helping your child learn how to plan can help them feel more prepared and ready to tackle challenging tasks. 

Success Stories

What matters most to me is that my clients feel successful! Here are a few success stories that clients have reached out to share with me. Hearing stories like these brings me such joy and it keeps me invested in this kind of coaching and education. 

"Before working with Danelle I didn’t realize how many of my everyday struggles could be attributed to having ADHD. Danelle helped me learn many things that make a big difference in my everyday life - both in school and out.  I learned how to organize study plans and stick to them.  That was a big one.  Another way Danelle has helped me is by encouraging me to find different learning techniques that work for me. She shared that everybody has their own way of learning and just because my way of learning is different from other students’, it doesn’t make me less smart. Danelle also coached me on replacing my negative thoughts with positivity. I can now have a bad day and instead of jumping to the negative and letting it derail me, I can point out the positive and believe myself when I say it. She has helped me recognize my strengths and use them to move forward. I couldn’t ask for a better coach."
-Tatiana, College Student


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