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Hi there,
I’m Danelle

I have devoted myself to learning about ADHD and Executive Functioning for the last decade after two of my children were diagnosed with ADHD. I quickly learned that ADHD isn’t just about lack of focus and hyperactivity. There were lots of missing pieces, which turned out to be all about Executive Function Skills. 


After searching for a coach for my daughter when she was starting high school, I realized that ADHD/EF coaches are in short supply and many children and parents were being left without the support they needed. I decided to jump in and educate myself and completed “Coaching Teens & College Students with ADHD” with JST Coaching and Training, the premiere ADHD coach training organization in the world, several life coaching classes through CTI, as well as Gretchen Wegner's "The Art of Inspiring Students to Study Strategically."


No matter how much I learn, I am continually seeking out more advanced training in Executive Functioning (EF), how brains learn, and strategies for helping kids build EF skills.

While my journey began with my own children, it quickly grew and evolved into building a coaching practice where I could coach other children needing academic support as well. My children are mostly grown now, and while I still love supporting students, my passion has begun to focus more on supporting parents. I know what it's like to be searching for answers, and I believe I can support and guide other parents from a place of education and training, as well as personal experience. This is why I'm currently in the process of creating my course just for parents and caregivers.

Before diving into the world of ADHD and EF training, I earned my MBA from Georgetown. My husband and I have raised three beautiful children, enjoy spending time with our two dogs, and have been residents of the Alexandria, VA area for over 30 years. 

Danelle Fortune and Family

Trainings & Certifications

  • JST Coaching Kids and Teens

  • CTI Life Coaching Coursework

  • Tera Sumpter's Seeds of Learning Executive Function Practicum

  • Gretchen Wegner's Antiboring Approach to Powerful Studying

  • Gretchen Wegner's Art of Inspiring Students to Study Strategically

  • Social Thinking: Social Thinking Vocabulary & Treatment Frameworks

  • Coursera/Barbara Oakley: Learning How to Learn

  • Positive Intelligence (PQ Coach Training Course)

  • Social Thinking: How to Ask for Help

Sarah Ward/Cognitive Connections:

  • Executive Function and Situational Awareness

  • Executive Function and Processing Speed

  • Executive Function and The Graduates (Transitioning from HS to College)

  • Intensive Executive Functions Seminar with Emphasis on Speed of Processing and Nonverbal Learning Disability

  • Everything from A-Z Practical Strategies for EF

  • Facilitating Executive Function Skills During Online Teaching

  • Closing the Gap: The January Reboot, Support for Students and Hybrid Learning

  • Strategies to Engage the Anxious Student

Reading I have done that further informs my coaching:

  • Linda K. Murphy Declarative Language Handbook [how to use language to help kids build executive function skills]

  • Linda K. Murphy Co-regulation Handbook

  • Barbara Oakley: A Mind for Numbers: How to Excel at Math and Science

  • Barbara Oakley: Uncommonsense Teaching: Practical Insights in Brain Science to Help Students Learn

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